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 ☑ ZeaDamper™

 ☑ Adaptive Smart Foundation

 ☑ Oil & Gas

Offshore Monitoring

Vessel Remote Monitors

 ☑ Motion Logger (Satellite)

 ☑ Motion Logger (4G)

 ☑ Remote Equipment Monitor

VizionZ Engineering Pile Driver

Foundation Installation

 ☑ Zero-Noise Pile Driver

 ☑ Soil Vibration Monitor



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Vizion360 Dashboard Remote Vessel Monitoring Modules


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Information Services
Offshore Foundation Measurement data to FEM

Foundation Data   >   FEM

 ☑ Foundation Lifetime Analytics

 ☑ Continuous Damage View

 ☑ Predictive Maintenance

Offshore Vessel Monitor Data to FEM

Vessel Data  >  FEM & CFD

 ☑ Parametric Optimization

 ☑ CFD in the Cloud

 ☑ Vessel Motion Profiles

 ☑ Vessel Equipment Lifetime

Offshore Custom Data Analysis

Custom (Self)Analysis

 ☑ Vibrations Analysis

 ☑ Offshore Workability






  VizionZ Structural Engineering   VizionZ CFD   VizionZ Advanced Analysis  

 Structural Engineering




Advanced Analysis

  Design, FEM calculations, fatigue evaluation and optimizations   Fluid dynamics evaluations and Fluid-Structure interaction   Sensor Data analysis and FEM model coupling  



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Featured Projects

CFD Subsea Equipment Parametric Flow Loads  Advance Spectral Analysis Frequency 3D  Soil Scour Evaluation  CFD Hydrofoil flow analysis loads and stress
 CFD Parametric Study - Subsea Equipment Vibration Measurement and Advanced Analysis Soil Scour Evaluation Hydrofoil Coupled CFD-Structural Evaluation

Integrated data solutions provided as a complete package of hardware, software and data analysis tools for the application in different industries:


      Offshore Monitoring    Vibration Monitor   

Offshore Asset Motion Monitor


Mobile Vibration Monitor Station

      Motion monitoring of offshore vessels (incl. GPS tracking)   Mobile station for vibration monitoring in structures and soil  



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VizionZ Engineering Zero-Noise Pile Driver

Offshore Pile Driving Benefits:

  • Zero Noise during the driving of the pile
  • eliminates pile driving fatigue
  • lower power requirements
  • integrated motion compensation (rotational, translational) for driving from a floating vessel
  • more control on pile verticality

Patented Technology:

The innovative technology for driving piles offshore utilizes:
  • no kinetic energy and no impact
  • no vibrations
  • more control on pile verticality
  • existing equipment already present on board